Forging the future


Innoforge Pvt. Ltd. Is equipped with advanced manufacturing plant that spread across 25,000 Square feet.

Forge Shop

Innoforge Pvt. Ltd. Is equipped with 5 Ton pneumatic hammer powered adequately by air compressors. It may not be out of place to mention that it is rare that this type and size of hammer is powered by compressed air, steam power being more common. This helps to maneuver the strokes to ensure dimensional control, thus enabling us to produce forgings of 5 Kgs / piece to 1500 Kgs / Piece.

Our closed die forging facility can produce parts weight ranging from 0.5 kgs to 12 kgs of carbon, alloy and stainless steel.

The forge shop is fully equipped with Jib Crane of unique design, to handle upto 3500 Kgs of Material at forge shop. The Forge shop can forge upto 400 mm thickness rings using Mandrel rolling, beyond the horizontal ring rolling machine capacity.

The forge shop is well assisted by Band saw cutting machines of max. capacity of 600 mm in diameter of bloom or billets and Pre- heating furnaces with digital temperature indicators for controlled pre-heating of cut material prior to forging.

Heat treatment Shop

Heat Treatment facility presently equipped to handle Annealing, Normalizing consist of Furnace which is provided with controlled internal atmosphere to ensure the desired microstructure. The furnace is uniquely designed, by virtue of which, special alloy steels can undergo consistently slow heating to ensure proper grain orientation and uniformity of properties, especially in reference to larger components. The Heat Treatment Furnaces are calibrated to ensure uniformity of temperature at various zones, thus under heating or over heating to grain coarsening is avoided.

Machine Shop

Array of lathe - both conventional and NC controlled augment our machining capacity in catering forgings in Proof Machined and Fully machined condition.