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About Us

Innoforge Pvt. Ltd is located at SIDCO Industrial Estate, Hosur, promoted by highly qualified technocrats with years of experience.

In-spite of heavy competition, the promoters ventured into this enterprise in view of the confidence that forged products of quality, precision & metallurgical soundness would be well received in the market. Keeping this ideal intact, the company hopes to be competitive in product pricing.

Right from inception, the company realized that these are the days of “off-the-shelf” products, and therefore are geared up for prompt deliveries and ready to use forgings in proof machined and fully machined condition as per customer requirement

Name “Innoforge” is combination of Words - INNOvation meaning “to renew or change” and FORGing indicating the process of metal forming process.

The company is promoted by 3 technocrats with varied experience, led by M. Rajavelu, Managing Director, who is a Metallurgical Engineer with 15 years of experience in forging and Heat Treatment field. He guides a team of Engineers, skilled and equipped to handle forging process and other associated processes. Quality Assurance team with the help of advanced technology measuring instruments, lends support in fulfilling innoforge’s commitment in supplying forgings of metallurgical soundness and of Chemical Composition, Mechanical Strength & physical dimension as per customer’s specification.